Lake Magadi (courtesy of B. Tindall)
Natronobacterium gregoryi, DSM 3393 (EM from M. Rohde, HZI)

'Measures for the integration of partners in Kenya and Namibia into the GBRCN - a contribution to the conservation and use of microbial diversity in sub-equatorial Africa'

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within their framework of the Federal Government’s Strategy for the Internationalisation of Science and Research supports a project with African partners to cover measures to enable Kenyan and Namibian partners to actively participate in the GBRCN Demonstration project with the goal to enhance their own development towards biodiversity policies, to enhance development towards the establishment of national BRCs, and to provide the African view and input to the GBRCN Demonstration Project.

The BMBF strategy seeks to fund partnerships for sustainable solutions in developing countries and supports exploratory and preparatory measures in science, research and education, to implement sustainable, knowledge-based solutions.