Developing standards for a global biological resource centre network


Thu, 26.11.2009

REPORT on the 25th Congresso Brasileiro de Microbiologia, 8 – 12 November 2009

Brazil has invested in a programme to develop key culture collections and to network them to create aninfrastructure to underpin research and development in Brazil. Members of the GBRCN Secretariat were invited to visit Brazil to...» details

Thu, 08.10.2009

Scientific Collections International Organisation - SciColl

SciColl will be an international initiative devoted to increasing the benefits that object-based scientific collections and their associated information produce for science and society.  It brings together major museums and...» details

Thu, 01.10.2009

BBMRI Meeting

A Biobank and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Stakeholder’s Forum was held in Brussels on 16 September 2009.BBMRI (Pan-European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure) is an extensive...» details

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