Developing standards for a global biological resource centre network

GBRCN Capacity Building Programme

The 3 pillars of GBRCN activity

Capacity Building is one of GBRCN’s pillars for the sustainable development of Biological Resource Centres. Through the transfer of knowledge as well as skills and abilities GBRCN supports BRC candidates as well as already approved BRCs and accompanies them through the development process. The focus of the capacity building is

  • to help countries to establish BRCs,
  • to enable BRC candidates to become GBRCN members,
  • to assist approved BRCs to gain higher levels of compliance to the OECD Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) and
  • to support political and socio-economic decision making processes in the fields of BRC related bio-economy.
GBRCN capacity building process taking BRCs to different stages of development depending upon their individual needs

Thus the GBRCN generation of competence capitalises

  • the participation in political decision making processes (e. g. ABS, Biosecurity and Biosafety, Intellectual Property),
  • the development of basic documents as background for scientific and commercial co-operation (e. g. Material Transfer Agreements, Codices) and
  • the mediation of scientific and technical know-how ( e. g. Taxonomy, Collection Management, Scientific and Laboratory Practice).

To realise its ambitions, the GBRCN is organising, amongst other activities, regional seminars bringing together the culture collections and BRCs with their stakeholders and communities. In addition experts deliver knowledge and skills via workshops, lectures and on-site audits to the participants. These regional seminars have taken place in Portugal (2009), Brazil (2009) and China (2010). The next seminar will be held in Kenya 21. - 25. Feb. 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya.