Developing standards for a global biological resource centre network

Mutual Partner Agreement

The signers of this agreement have been partners in the Demonstration Project for a Global Biological Resource Centre Network GBRCN - According to the OECD which received core funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from 12/2008 until 11/2011.

As the Demonstration Project has come to an end, the achieved results, respective the following outcomes, will be governed according to the following agreement:

  • Printed and oral media (e. g. presentations, lectures, posters, articles or reports in full length or partially) shall only be handled according to generally accepted regulations for intellectual property rights, in particular by naming the respective author, the project with its full title, the funder and the GBRCN-logo.
  • Digital media (e. g. project files or online available excerpts of studies) shall only be used after consultation with one of the former secretariat members and in accord with generally accepted regulations for intellectual property rights naming the respective author, the project with its full title, the funder and the GBRCN-logo. This requirement is valid up to five years after signature of this agreement.
  • Internet Website ( shall be maintained in its actual appearance and extent by the former recipient of the funds (DSMZ). The former secretariat members shall take the editorial responsibility.
  • The Right of Publicity (usage of the term GBRCN) shall not be assignable to any of the former partners, neither individually nor in groups. The term GBRCN has been coined by the OECD BRC initiative and therefore is not detachable from this initiative and the Demonstration Project.
  • Further activities in the name of GBRCN sensu OECD shall be subjected to a prior informed consent by simple majority of the former partners.  However, any former partner is authorized to present the Demonstration Project and its outcomes at conferences, symposia, and meetings as well as mentioning it in publications. In addition promotion of the ideas and principles of a GBRCN sensu OECD is highly recommended while referring/citing the original sources of the Demonstration Project. All activities in the name of GBRCN sensu OECD should be transparently available to all partners.

The key reason for this agreement between the former partners is, to protect the outputs developed in the Demonstration Project and to lay claim to the name of GBRCN sensu OECD for its intended future use. This agreement is valid until a future GBRCN sensu OECD has been established.


Signed Mutual Partner Agreements

Brasil – CBMAI : signed on 07.05.2022

Brasil – CRIA : signed on 03.05.2022

Brasil – Fiocruz : signed on 06.05.2022

Finland – VTT : signed on 25.04.2022

France – CRBIP : signed on 23.05.2022

Great Britain – CABI : signed on 22.08.2022

Germany – DSMZ : signed on 15.04.2022

Italy – IRCCS : signed on 03.05.2022

Japan – NBRC : signed on 20.05.2022

Kenya – JKUAT : signed on 28.08.2022

Portugal – UMinho-MUM : signed on 03.05.2022

Spain – CECT : signed on 22.04.2022

Taiwan – BCRC : signed on 10.04.2022

The Netherlands – KNAW-CBS : signed on 24.06.2022

Uganda – Makerere University : signed on 08.05.2022